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There is no subscription. is 100% free of charge. We are independent from location scouts or production companies. Our business is the development of web applications

what about the costs?

Using the site is free for clients and scouts. Only if clients want to know the location address, GPS data or the scout’s contact they have to pay the fee which is shown in the location description. There is no subscription.

I‘d like to upload my location library but don’t have the time!

No problem. please feel free to contact us. Depending on the kind of data and the library size we will help you or we’ll do it for you.

How can I earn money as a scout?

You can either sell the location address at your own prize. Or allow new clients to get your contact details and you will deal with the clients personally.

Are my data safe?

Your location and personal information are safe. We care about security, we backup your data regulary, we update the software. Our business is the development of webpages and we are not connected to scouts or production company. We will not sell or rent any of your personal informations (or location details) to third parties - see the terms of use.

How can I contact you?

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